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Mongolia is a country that exudes richness of culture, uniqueness of traditions, true nomadic life, breathtaking landscapes and a proud historical past. 
At Dream Mongolia Tours, we bring you the very best that Mongolia can offer. We design and personalize authentic holiday experince for you. Most of our tours includes a mix of adventure, culture, nature and sightseeing. 
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Central Mongolia is a region in Mongolia that contains the capital of modern Mongolia Khangai mountains. Central Mongolia is beautiful, pristine and rich in wild species and has been keeping many important historical and cultural remains of different historical periods. In central Mongolia, you can discover distinctive natural zones of forested steppes, mountain steppes and semi Gobi Desert and their breathtaking natural beauties and interesting cultural and historical items.


Eastern Mongolia is where heaven and earth fuse into one part – a boundless blue sky colliding with an equally limitless sea of green. The occasional wooden shack or ger reminds you that humans do inhabit this enormous landscape, but for the most part it’s an unspoilt amphitheatre of bounding gazelle, scurrying marmots and jeep tracks that squiggle endlessly into the distance. This is one of the world’s last great unharmed grassland ecosystems. The other major feature of the region is the Khan Khentii Mountains. This was the homeland of Temujin, the embattled boy who grew up to become Chinggis Khaan. Explore the Eastern Mongolia with us! 


There's no fences on this vast land, horsemen and animals roam free in Mongolia! We will visit National Parks, the ancient capital at Karakorum, ErdeneZuu monastery, Great White lake and Orkhon valley. By the second part of the trip, we will visit the vast expanses of the Gobi Desert:  explore the lofty sand dunes of Khongoriin Els, the glacial canyon of Yolyn Am, the red cliffs of Bayanzag, where the world’s richest deposits of dinosaur fossils are found and Tsagaan Suvarga (White stupa). We will have the chance to visit nomadic families,  Buddhist monasteries and traditional events, horse and camel riding and guided walking – there are also endless opportunities for photography. Now come and take this wonderful trip and visit the Gobi and the Central Mongolia with us  with us! 


Walking through Glacier canyon of Yolyn Am freezes even during summer hot days, as you slide down through Singing Dune of Khongoryn Els, moreover further under the sunset it looks like flaming Cliffs called Bayanzag, also Equestrian statue as Modern exhibits of Millennium man human wonder well-known Chinggis Khan.  Natural wonders of stone’s sceneries Turtle Rock and Praying Lama, deep down of Mountain ranges stands Meditation center of Aryapala temple. 
Chance to ride a camel on endless sand dunes, riding horse through steep Cliffs besides hiking up to Hills while exploring landscapes and reading god’s teachings and possibility to trekking to Bayanzag, homeland of dinosaurs.


Mongolia is a mysterious country, well known to the world for its glorious ancient history, unique culture and arts, indigenous species of wildlife and untouched beautiful landscapes.
Start from the Gobi Desert: Tsagaan Suvarga (White stupa), Bayanzag the Flaming Cliffs, the Khongor sand dunes and the Yoliin Am. 
The next half of the tour takes you to the crystal clear Lake Huvsgul at the beautiful Horidol Saridag mountains, picturesque Khorgo-Terkh National Park,  the ancient capital at Karakorum amd remotest buddhist temple.
We have chnaces to visit nomadic families, remote Buddhist monasteries and traditional events, horse and camel riding and guided walking. There are also endless opportunities for photography. Discover the true Mongolia!


Northern Mongolia is one of the most beautiful areas of the country with density forested mountains, steppe, crystal rivers and lakes and often known as the home of the Reindeer people (Tsaatan People) and shamans. Thirty families of Tsaatan (reindeer breeders) with a unique living traditional culture live in taiga and forest steppe to the north and west of Lake Huvsgul retaining their ancestral culture based on shamanistic rituals and nomadic reindeer herding. The reindeer people live in the North-west regions of Huvsgul, which is pretty much like a taiga. 
Central Mongolia is a region in Mongolia that contains the capital of modern Mongolia Khangai mountains.